Doppelgänger II

The Doppelgänger series of photographs are pictorial narratives that explore internal human emotions, notions of the uncanny, the subconscious/conscious mind, the ego and the alter ego. The narrative structure itself is based upon and utilizes the concept of the Doppelgänger—specifically as understood within Germanic literature. In this context, the notion of the Doppelgänger is understood as a ghostly double or apparition of a living person, widely assumed to be sinister and a harbinger of bad luck, but also highly ambiguous, thus presenting a psychological dilemma. The central characters themselves, are enacted by the artist herself, within claustrophobic and timeless spaces.

The structural device of the tableaux-vivant is used to carefully choreograph multiple individual, full-frame photographs into single artworks, using a grid system that also serves to maintain the photographic integrity of each photograph. Most of the artworks are constructed with six photographs, but as the series has progressed they have developed in complexity, incorporating up to eighteen photographs. The more recent artworks have progressed in their storytelling, moving beyond the grid itself and making use of the diptych and triptych format.