Homage is a series of handmade photomontages that were inspired by figurative master paintings created throughout art history – moments in the western canon. My love for the particular presence of master paintings, combined with my own interest in photography, provided a starting point from which to explore. I then created reinventions, re-masterings, working through my personal sensitivity and engagements as an artist. Photomontage allows me to translate the paintings into new environments.

For me, this is an act of translation. While I use current technologies, I endeavor to maintain the tactile qualities and varied dimensionalities that drew me to the objects in the first place. This series attempts to capture the ghosts of occidental imaginary, always partial and illusive, while proposing new visual languages around these established masterpieces. Homage is a meditation on the passage of time. It is a reflection on where I am, as an artist, in the 21st century, ever influenced by the past and by my heritage.